Delaying a medical procedure because of COVID? Perhaps you should reconsider

Photo by Edward Jenner on

For the better part of a year, COVID-19 has made hospitals the epicenter of a continued flow of grave news. And this could have has turned you off from going to the doctor or the dentist for regular visits, worried that you may contract COVID-19. According to a national survey released this month by the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions, nearly 40 percent of Americans do not feel safe going to the doctor’s while coronavirus is still a risk. Freeman President and CEO Paula Baker says she is aware of this, and her hospital is safe to visit. “We have a safe environment; it’s a protected environment. You can safely come here. And one of the worst things that people can do is to delay medical procedures or emergency care because they’re afraid of COVID.” Baker says that they’ve created a safe environment with compulsory mask-wearing inside the hospital, in addition to taking visitors temperatures before you enter the facility.


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