7th District Congressmen Billy Long visits Joplin’s Freeman Hospital

This week, Missouri’s 7th District Congressman Billy Long has been on a listening tour of area hospitals and clinics, and Tuesday, he stopped at Joplin’s Freeman Hospital. Long spoke with numerous doctors and nurses who have spent the better part of a year on the frontline of the pandemic, which has claimed near 7,100 Missouri residents. Congressman Long says he heard from two constituents, a 94-year woman and her 95-year old husband, who want the vaccine, but supply isn’t meeting demand. “Those type of people, if they were promised by a hospital or by a clinic you come next Tuesday at 10:30 you’ll get vaccinated, you and your husband, they would be so thrilled. And then you call them on Monday, well we’re going to cancel your appointment, and that’s what people are fed up, their frustrated; they want the vaccine.” Long also stated that he has received two-shots of the Pfizer vaccine recently and that it is safe. And he encourages anybody that wants to receive the vaccine to get one.


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