Looking past COVID? Missouri Gov. Mike Parson didn’t address lingering issues with the state’s response

Dr. Dan Ponder of Drury University

Missouri Governor Mike Parson delivered this 3rd State of the State Address on Wednesday. Parson highlighted that Missouri was one of the first states in the US to submit its COVID-19 vaccination plan. Dr. Dan Ponder, Political Science Professor at Drury University, noted that Governor Parson seemed to move on quickly from a pandemic that has claimed over 6,700 Missouri residents. “He quickly moved on to other things which is fairly close to some of the previous state of the state addresses, trying to talk about increasing or at least extending childhood education, he wants to fully fund the K through 12 formula. He did talk about rising crime. He did spend a lot of time on workforce development.” Parson also said that he wanted to see a clean COVID-19 bill on his desk as the first piece of legislation he would sign into law this year. The bill would protect companies in Missouri from being sued over the lack of COVID-19 protections.

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