Parson versus Medicaid Expansion in Missouri?

Executive Director of Missouri Healthcare for All, Jen Bersdale

The eyes and ears of Missouri will turn to Jefferson City this week as Governor Mike Parson will give his 2021 State of the State Speech. The address is expected to provide updates on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the State’s economy. The governor is also anticipated to speak about the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri, which passed last year even though he opposed the ballot measure saying it would drain the State’s budget. Executive Director of Missouri Healthcare for Care for All Jen Bersdale says that isn’t the case at all. “Medicaid expansion in particular is a really great financial deal for the State because the federal government will pay 90 percent of the cost for the increased populations. For as long as we’ve got it.” The amendment that Missouri voters approved in 2020 enshrined Medicaid Expansion into the State’s Constitution, preventing lawmakers from adding work requirements or premiums. There are now only 12 states, mostly Republican-led, that have NOT expanded Medicaid in the US. Parson will deliver his State of the State speech Wednesday at 3 pm.


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