New COVID-19 cases numbers are down, but that doesn’t mean to stop wearing your mask

The number of new COVID-19 cases has slowly declined in Joplin since a recent spike two weeks ago. The decrease in new cases is apart of a broader trend that is being experienced throughout the United States. During Joplin’s COVID-19 update on Monday, former Joplin health Director and current Assistant City Manager Dan Pekarek said that the decrease in new COVID cases is likely due to various factors such as the cities mask mandate. “I do personally believe that the ordinance that the city council put in place, mandating masks, I think that’s helping us. I see a lot of people wearing masks in the community, and I still see people to be, yanoo, careful when they’re in public places trying to social distance.” Pekarek also highlighted that over 10 percent, or about 5,400 Joplin residents, have tested positive for the COVID and that many asymptotic people never showed symptoms. Both are determining factors in lower new case numbers. As of Monday, Joplin had 136 active cases and 112 COVID-19 related deaths.


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