New COVID-19 cases are slowing, wearing your mask, washing hands still important

Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley

On Monday, Joplin reported 136 active COVID-19 cases, which is a good sign and follows a national trend of a slowing of new COVID cases. One of the key metric in understanding the direction of COVID-19 cases, the rolling 7-day average of new cases, is now at 21. At it’s most recent peak, two weeks about the city was experiencing just over 43 new COVID cases per day. Joplin’s Assistant City Manager Dan Pekarek is encouraged. “Our 14-day cases per 100,000, which is another metric that we follow, is also down it was well over 1,000 cases per 100,000 that we’re down to 665, which is also very good news.” Joplin city officials also said they were waiting to hear from the state about the next shipment of COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines have been in short supply in Joplin and Southwest Missouri. To see the local vaccinator map and whose eligible, visit COVID VACCINE.MO.GOV

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