Mike Parson is sworn in for full four-term as Missouri Governor

Missouri Governor Mike Parson

Mike Parson was sworn in for a full four-year term as Missouri’s Governor on Monday. He defeated State Auditor Nicole Galloway by 17 points in the General Election last November. Parson’s career in public service with serving 6-years in the US Army before a 22-year career in law enforcement, including serving as Sheriff of Polk County from 1993-2005. The Republican said that he would work to serve all Missourians during his inauguration speech on Monday. “As the leader of this great state, it is my job to make the life better for every Missourian. The state is more than my house it is my home. I will care for the unborn to the elderly to the rich to the poor regardless of the color of your skin.” Monday’s inauguration ceremony concluded with a special salute to Missouri signifying its entry as the 24th state in the United States 200 years ago.


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