The Neosho Arts Council plans a virtual ArtCon 2021

The Neosho Art Council’s ArtCon 2021 will take place February 11-13, 2021. Like many events throughout 2020 and into 2021, the event, which is normally held in-person, will be all virtual this year. Sarah Serio of the NAC says that it was an easy decision to make the non-profits largest fundraiser of the year all virtual, putting their volunteers and guests’ safety above all else.

ArtCon has grown every year since the Neosho Arts Council has held it, and it has had to move to larger locations to accommodate the increase in attendees. According to Sarah, moving ArtCon entirely online this year was like planning a completely new event and could lead to a hybrid online and in-person experience in the future.

Perhaps, the best thing about ArtCon 2021 (besides never having to leave your house) is that all of the Q and A panels with artists and performers are free, including special guest Noah Averbach-Katz. One of the strengths of ArtCon is the diversity of writers and artists from across the Sci-fi lexicon, this year including Starwars, Super Man, and Stranger Things.


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