Online shopping grows, so does the threat of package theft

Online purchases are growing, as well as the opportunity for thieves to steal them from your doorstep. 

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According to Adobe Analytics, this year alone, Americans are expected to spend over 28-billion dollars just with purchases on their smartphones. That translates into tens of millions of packages being shipped and left on doorsteps and prime to be stolen quickly. This holiday season, the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on a heightened alert. Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau explains, “There’s a lot of place, Target, Walmart to name a few, that are doing, where you can go ahead and do pick-up. And you’re actually literally in your car and this might be an excellent way to go ahead and pick up whatever the item is.” Also, many shippers offer delivery confirmation to ensure that the package ends up in the right hands. If you live in a neighborhood where this is a regular occurrence, consider live video monitoring of your front door area. Visit for more tips on how to have a safe holiday season.


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