Joplin takes major step towards adding new developemt

Joplin City hall

2020 has been both a year that many of us would like to forget, although the Joplin City Council would look back on the final days of the year as groundbreaking. On Monday, the city council unanimously approved a nearly $190-million dollar redevelopment in the southeast corner. If constructed, the 32nd Street Project as it’s called would bring a Menards Home Improvement Warehouse, up to 300 new apartments, in addition to other commercial and retail buildings. Joplin City Manager Nick Edwards, “if we’re adding apartments, and were adding apartments and capacity for people to live here, we’re growing our base in that way, and those people live here and they’re buying their goods here, there’s a direct correlation to sales tax and population, if we increase our population, our sales tax will increase as well.” It will take almost 1-year for public improvements projects to be completed before construction can start on the new development. The development is projected to be complete in 2027.


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