‘No On Amendment 3 ‘Advocates Say It Would Take Missouri Backwards

 The countdown is now at 27 days until the final day you can vote, in-person, on Tuesday, November 3rd. Democrats and Republicans aren’t the only thing on the ballot in Missouri this election season. Amendment 3 is also. Essentially, if passed, it would overturn must of Clean Missouri, as known as Amendment 1, that voters passed by a nearly 2 to 1 margin just two years ago. Proponents of Amendment 3 say it will rid the state of gerrymandating. On Monday, I spoke with the campaign director of the No on 3 campaign Sean Nicholson. I first asked Sean, if Amendment 3 passed on the November ballot, what it would mean for Missouri residents?   

Next week, we’ll hear from somebody from the Yes on 3 campaign, that believes the amendment should pass in Missouri.   


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