Audrey Richards Write-In Candidate In Missouri’s 7th Congressional District

A write-in candidate has emerged in Southwest Missouri’s 7th Congressional District to take Republican Billy Long. K R P S’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.    

It appeared that Representative Long was going to run unopposed and on his way to a 6th term in Congress after Democrat Teresa Montseny dropped out of the race recently, citing health reasons. Audrey Richards, born in Joplin and raised in Kimberling City, has stepped in to fill the void. Richards, a 27-year old graduate from George Washington University with a bachelor’s in political science, also worked at the US Treasury, is running as an independent candidate. She says the three-pillars of her campaign are education, infrastructure, and getting big money out of politics. She’s experienced the disparities in K thru 12 education in Missouri firsthand, “so education is my number 1 thing, as I’ve said before I went to school at Reed Spring, but even like down the road a half an hour in Branson their school system has so much more money and access to resources because of the tourism and Silver Dollar City and all of us that, so it really kind of, it’s a stark contrast.” The deadline to request a ballot by mail in Missouri is Wednesday, October 21. The In-person voting takes place on Tuesday, November 3.

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