Democratic US Senate Candidate Barbara Bollier Visits SE Kansas

Complete Bollier interview

It’s Morning Edition on KRPS. We are in the midst of a political season like no other in Kansas. Consider this. Every house and state senate seat is up for grabs in the Kansas Legislature. All four seats congressional seats too. Races also include one for the US Senate, pitting First District Republican Congressman Dr. Rodger Marshall, and a former Republican turned Democrat and District 7 State Senator, Dr. Barbara Bollier, who visited Pittsburg on Tuesday. I spoke with Bollier after a rally that took place at Lincoln Park. I first asked why expanding Medicaid in Kansas was so important to her?   

It’s hard to miss the numerous ads and editorials, on Facebook and Twitter that Bollier’s opponent Rodger Marshall has continued to use to attack the State Senator and her campaign regarding funding the police, and her unwillingness to sign a pledge that will not defund the police. I asked Bollier what she had to say to possible voters who see these attacks by Marshall and give voting for her a second thought?  

Next, climate change an important topic during a summer of which we have seen numerous uncontrollable wire fires out west and devastating hurricanes. A poll released from Yale Climate Communication recently and reported on by the Kansas News service this week says that about 70 percent of Kansans believe that climate change is real. I asked Bollier what would be some of the policies or changes that she would hope to work towards if elected?  

I spoke with Democratic Candidate for US Senate Dr. Barbara Bollier at Lincoln Park in Pittsburg on Tuesday September 14. She is taking on Congressman Rodger Marshall. The general election takes place on Tuesday, November 3rd.


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