With COVID,Census,Elections taking place this year scammers are taking advantage

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams concerning senior citizens and the coronavirus. A lot is going on this year; between the pandemic, a national election, and the US census taking place, scammers have more opportunities to try and lure people and get your credit card or bank information. Another popular scam in Southwest Missouri involves asking a customer to pay over the phone for Medicare. Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau in Springfield, “Right now, during this coronavirus, there are people who are losing money daily. And some senior citizens are unfortunately thinking that they are finding great opportunities. And they’re not.”

 Stephanie says that Medicare will never call you on the phone; instead, they will contact you through the snail mail. Also, the coronavirus pandemic has provided opportunities for scammers to target Southwest Missouri residents with promises of free COVID-19 testing kits through Medicare. You can contact the Better Business Bureau if you think you’ve been the target of a possible scam at bbb.org.

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