Trump edge softening in Missouri, what kind of effect will that have on the Governor’s race?

There are now 55 days before the Presidential election, and voters in Missouri will also elect a Governor. Missouri Governor Mike Parson and State Auditor Nicole Galloway have been officially on the campaign trail for about a year. The topics of the campaign are tremendously different than they were 12 months ago because of the pandemic.   Professional of Political Science Dr. Daniel Ponder at Drury University in Springfield says that softening poll numbers for President Trump could lead to a closer Governor’s race in Missouri, “What that does mean is that maybe there’s a movement and leaves an opening for Galloway. What we have been seeing is that there’s a lot of money coming in from outside the state of both Parson and for Galloway.” 

Trump won Missouri by 19 percent in 2016, but according to polling completed by We Ask Americans and published last week, Trump only leads Biden by 5 percent. It’s undetermined just how much the race for President will affect the Governor’s race in Missouri. In one poll released last week, Parson maintains an over 9-point edge on Galloway. 

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