Time Is Running Out To Participate In The 2020 Census

There is now less than 1 month left to take part in the US Census. About 1 in 5 US households have yet to participate in the once a decade count mandated by the US Constitution. In the Four State, Kansas has had the most residents fill out the census with 92-point 1 percent of residents, while Missouri is 2nd with 87-point 9 percent of residents taking part in the 9-question survey. Steve Hale is a Senior Partnership Specialist with the Census for Kansas and Oklahoma says for those worried about the census sharing your information with other government agencies. “We don’t share information with any other government agencies. Not with the IRS, any type of law enforcement agency, or any government agency.” Hale notes that the questions the census asks pertain to demographics and are for statistical purposes.

This year the census is available in 59 languages, that’s 7 more than in 2010, including American Sign Language. The results of the census will be made public in early 2021. Visit 2020census.gov for more information. 

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