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Kansas officials see uncertainty around President Trump’s plan to boost weekly unemployment benefits by $400. So, as Jim McLean of the Kansas News Service reports, they’re not going to implement it. At least not yet.

Kansas is at a turning point to get the state’s positivity rate under control. Birx traveled to Kansas City, Kansas, on Saturday as a part of a multi-state tour to talk with governors and health officials about local efforts to combat COVID-19. 

Missourians could decide on a new manner of drawing state House and Senate districts this November.

Even as President Donald Trump warns of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab says fraud and voter suppression aren’t problems here. 

The M-I-Double A Conference, based in Kansas City, says its NCAA Division 2 schools won’t be playing any fall sports until January of 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Branson’s mayor is urging the community to take COVID-19 seriously.  Ed Akers calls the latest numbers “sobering.”

The fall semester begins today at Missouri Southern in Joplin. The university is encouraging students and staff to use a contact tracing app to help slow possible COVID-19 infections. 

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