‘The Rundown’ News Headlines from KRPS for 08.12.20

Happy Wednesday,  and thanks for joining me for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S 

Mainly sunny and warm today throughout Southeast Kansas, a high of 89. Mostly clear tonight and calm, a low of 70. Partly cloudy tomorrow with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms, but the sunshine returns both Friday and Saturday, highs Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the lower ‘90s. 

Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson says schools should use absenteeism as a key metric when deciding whether to shut down.

Wichita’s mask ordinance will be in effect for almost another month. City council members voted Tuesday to extend the ordinance requiring masks in public spaces until September 8th. It was supposed to expire today. 

The head of Missouri State University’s Board of Governors, Craig Fraizer, said Tuesday the board has reluctantly chosen not to award MSU president Clif Smart a salary increase at this time due to the financial uncertainty the university is facing.   

Governor Laura Kelly ordered Kansas schools to take coronavirus precautions like requiring everyone to wear a mask and checking temperatures. 

Kansas has a backlog of 25,000 unemployment insurance claims waiting for a decision … and the state Department of Labor told lawmakers Tuesday it hopes to clear many of the claims within three months. 

The US Census is underway throughout the US, but last week the federal agency said that it would halt counting a month early.

A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have genetically engineered a virus that infects human cells like the coronavirus but is much safer to work with. 

That’s it for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S, be sure to subscribe to The Rundown in the Apple iTunes Store or Google podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow 


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