Missouri 7th Congressional District Primary Candidate – (R) Kevin VanStory

Kevin VanStory has a long history of residing in Southwest Missouri, including in Neosho since 1984. He is a well-known realtor in the area, and but previously worked for various Honda motorcycle shops in both the Joplin and Springfield areas. In September of 1998, he changed careers and enrolled in a relator two-week crash course and has been doing that ever since.  Kevin has also been a minster since 2018, that change is something that couldn’t have explained or predicted before it happen.

The August 2020 primary is the first time that VanStory has ever run for political office but he has a firm conservative Republican platform and backs President Trump. He is strongly for the abolishment of abortion in the US, he also believes that elected officials should be committed to term limits. He specifically speaks about 7th District Congressman Billy Long, noting that Long said when he was elected that he would serve 2-terms. If Long wins in November it would be the 5th time he’s been elected in the 7th.

I ask every candidate that I interview to give their best pitch of why they should be elected to office. VanStory chuckled a little bit and sums it up, saying that Rep. Long has done very little in nearly ten years in office. Authoring only two bills during nearly a decade in D.C. and that if VanStory can highlight just how little Long has done for the people of Southwest Missouri he has a chance of doing more.

To learn more about Kevin VanStory and his campaign visit mo7th.org


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