Missouri 7th Congressional District Primary Candidate – (R) Steve Chentnik

Steve Chentik at the 2019 Maple Leaf Festival

Elections throughout the US have been upended by the pandemic making it difficult for those known in political circles to campaign. But it has made it more challenging for those looking to break-in and win elections from the outside. That’s Steve Chentnik. Currently he resides in the Branson area, but previously lived in Webb City and Oronogo, Missouri. Steve is retired from a 40-year career in Manufacturing, including at Leggett and Platt in Carthage and Springfield Re-manufacturing Co. in Springfield. He’s been political for several years, but in 2019 he decided to step out of the shadows and run for office for the first time.

Steve is pro-2nd amendment, pro-life, and against judicial overreach. He also believes that former Congresspeople and Senators should not be able to become lobbyists until at least 3 -years after they leave office. He is for very tight restrictions at our borders but also understands the need for immigration into the US but says that it needs to be tightly controlled and regulated. Most passionately, Steve believes that the US healthcare system is a failure and needs to be massively overhauled, and he speaks from personal experience.

Steve started his campaign last July and has been trying to get his name out there ever since. He admits that it has been a challenge doing so because of the pandemic, but meeting people who are just as passionate about the US and politics has electrified him. According to Steve, the topic that comes up the most is term limits when speaking with possible constituents. He says that the states and US residents must pass a referendum to force limits on Congresspeople and Senators because they aren’t going to pass term limits on themselves.

If you ask Steve why he’s running for Congress during a global pandemic that has limited the amount of time that they can get to ‘press the flesh’ in person, Steve will tell you it’s because he’s a fighter. He believes that the people (you and me) are losing this country to those who we elect to office and that these officeholders they create protections, which makes it much more difficult to vote them out of office. He is also tired of career politicians voting yes or no on bills with little thought except how they could personally benefit.

Click this link to visit Missouri’s Voter Outreach Center and to locate your polling place


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