Missouri 7th Congressional District Primary Candidate – (R) Eric Harleman

Eric Harleman is not a politician. He’s a businessman that runs a company installing and fixing garage doors in Southwest Missouri. Eric resides in Sparta and firmly believes that the people (us) need to take our voice back in Washington, D.C. He’s also a one topic candidate, not to take anything away from the importance of that subject or the passion that Eric has for it. If elected, Eric would work towards implementing a system online, where citizens and residents across the country would be able to read, understand, and then vote on the bills that we pay taxes towards. In a word, Eric Harleman wants transparency


He’s been on the campaign trail for a year now throughout Southwest. He’s been on the campaign trail for a year throughout Southwest Missouri. Through his garage door business, Harleman says that he meets people of all political backgrounds and beliefs. One of the things that has surprised him when talking about politics is that some of his possible constituents are waiting to see who Joe Biden will choose as his vice president.

Most of all, Harleman wants to update how residents interact with their government. He speaks with passion, saying that ‘we don’t live in the horse and buggy days any longer,’ and wants US citizens to have more control over what goes on in Washington DC, and that it should be available online. Finally, I asked Harleman to give voters across Missouri’s 7th Congressional District his best pitch.

For voter information and where to find your local polling place, click this link to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

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