Missouri 7th Congressional District Primary Candidate – (R) Camille Olive-Lombardi


Camille Olive-Lombardi

Out of the 3 Republicans that KRPS profiled for Missouri’s 7th Congressional district, only one has run for Congress previously, Camille Olive-Lombardi. She ran as a Democrat two years ago. Today she backs President Trump and is a member of the Republican party. During our interview, she spoke about being born-in and raised by parents that were Democrats but that over the previous two years, she found herself passionately agreeing more with the GOP.

Olive-Lombardi says that she decided to run again because she doesn’t see the values that she identifies with in her representatives in Washington D.C. She also says that she see’s ‘scared people’ that aren’t willing to take on the Washington establishment and Nancy Pelosi. During the interview Olive-Lombardi says the significant difference between her and the other candidates (4 men) is that she isn’t scared of Pelosi, that she grew up in a Democratic family and strongly objects to how far left the party has gone.

Another interesting difference that sets Olive-Lombardi apart from the other four candidates is that she has traveled overseas, spending time in Afghanistan working for charitable organizations. It’s evident that her time in the war-torn country has help shape how she sees both the world and how the US interacts with other countries. It also has brought her a greater appreciation for the freedom and rights that we have in the US, especially for women. It’s all apart of her fiery views on both the politics of Missouri’s 7th District and the status of the US in 2020.

For voter information or to find your polling places visit the Missouri Secretary of States office by clicking this link.

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