‘The Rundown’ News Headlines from KRPS for 07.28.20

Good morning, thanks for joining me for KRPS news headlines for Tuesday, July 28th. 

Cloudy skies are expected throughout the Four States today, with a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms, a high of 86. Mostly cloudy conditions are expected tonight, chance of storms remains around 60 percent, a low of 71. 

The number of new COVID cases in Kansas rose by more than a thousand over the weekend, which has the governor thinking it’s time to cut back on gathering. 

Tornado Alley has been unusually quiet this year, especially in Kansas. So far there have only been 24 reported tornadoes in the state … mostly in far western Kansas near the Colorado border.

City officials in Joplin held their COVID-19 weekly update on Monday. Since June 2nd, the city has remained in Step 2 of Phase 2 of the cities COVID response and recovery plan. Joplin’s Health Department reports 55 active cases within the city limit; the number has remained unchanged for two weeks. Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley says this is not the time to back down and be complacent as the number of cases has stabilized.  

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says it will conduct a spot treatment for blue-green algae later today at the state’s largest reservoir. 

Monday was the first day of the legislative session that Missouri Governor Mike Parson, but much of the work will take place after the primary elections that take place one week from today. 

And now our feature of the day, 

For 3 months, people living in a mobile home community in western Kansas have had to boil their tap water or use bottled water. Sometimes their taps just went dry … the pressure often too weak. 

KRPS’S Kansas News Service reports on health, the many factors that influence it and their connection to public policy. 

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Check back tomorrow for more news headlines from the Four States on KRPS. 

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