The Rundown: News Headlines from KRPS for 07.27.20

Good morning, thanks for joining me for KRPS news headlines for Monday, July 27nd. 

Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies throughout the Four States today, with a chance of showers before 11 this afternoon and a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, a high of 84. Cloudy conditions both today and tonight, chance of storms at 50 percent, lows in the lower ‘70s, highs tomorrow in the mid-’80s. 

 If you’ve received seeds in the mail you didn’t order, the Kansas Department of Agriculture asks you not to put them in the ground.

The Kansas Insurance Department is reminding people that coronavirus tests should generally be covered by insurance without copays and similar costs. That’s a federal law, and insurers aren’t always following it. 

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has called a special legislative session that will start later this morning in Jefferson City. The Governor is looking to put some political space between his comments recently that kids returning to school next month will get sick with COVID-19 and the rising number of infections in the state. 

The Kansas Department of Corrections says inmates have tested positive for new coronavirus cases in three prisons. 

A former Kansas legislative leader who spearheaded the renovation of the state Capitol building has died. Dick Bond was president of the Kansas Senate from 1997 through 2001. 

 A special session of the Missouri legislature will convene later this morning in Jefferson City. The session is expected to focus on slowing the rates of violent crimes and homicides in the state. 

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