Good morning, thanks for joining me for KRPS news headlines for Friday, July 10th. 

More than 20 Kansas communities will get help from the state to pay for needed transportation updates to pedestrian paths, roads, and schools.

 The Kansas City Royals now know what their short 60-game season will look like.

Joplin Schools held a special meeting on Thursday to speak about planning for the upcoming school and the effects of COVID-19. The board meeting introduced ‘A Day In The Life Of An Eagle,’ a detailed plan about how students across Joplin’s elementary, middle, and high schools are going to navigate the school day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Neosho will not have restrictions on gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Neosho City Council voted down an ordinance that, in part, would have prohibited gatherings of 16 of more unless a letter of approval was obtained first from the Newton County Health Department.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which operates health clinics in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, has offered severance packages to dozens of employees as it reels from a financial crisis caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Missouri’s education agency is strongly encouraging teachers and older students to wear masks when school resumes next month. But it won’t mandate them.

Now our feature of the day, when Republican Congressman Roger Marshall announced he’d be running for Senate, that opened up Kansas’ 1st District seat. Six candidates, two Democrats and four Republicans, have filed for the office. Corinne Boyer of the Kansas News Service interviewed them about where they stand on major issues ahead of the August 4 primary.

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