Jenn White, New Host of ‘1A’

1A host Jenn White

There will be a brand new voice on KRPS this Monday at 10 AM. Jenn White hosts her first show as the new, permanent host of the national live talk show 1A that broadcasts on 375 NPR stations around the US. Public radio is at the heart and soul of White, who has worked in various positions off and on the air since her first job in public broadcasting working in the fundraising department of her local member station in Michigan.

You may also be familiar with her name because she produced and hosted the popular podcasts, Making Obama and Making Oprah. White says that for those loyal 1A listeners who have heard the rotation of guest hosts over the past handful of months, you will find very familiar themes and listener engagement still at the core of the show.

Creating, producing, and hosting a series of podcasts and hosting a live radio are similar but both unique. White has been successful at both, but the skills needed to do them both well are very different. She explains that podcast are more like crafting something that you can refine over and over. While hosting a live national radio show is more like being on a high-wire that is on-fire and just trying to get the other side before the fire reaches you.

Jenn White’s debut as the new host of 1A takes place on Monday, July 6 at 10 AM on KRPS.

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