The Crimson and Gold Connection With PSU President Steve Scott

Complete Interview

This is the Crimson and Gold Connection on 89 9 K R P S. Online summer school starts next week here at Pittsburg. Also, summer camps will also be taking place both in-person and online in both June and July. Earlier this month the university announced that they expect to return to-person instruction in the fall of this year but how will students react to returning to campus? 

And what kind of effect will it have on the local economy if they don’t? 

The man working to provide answers to all of these questions is President of Pittsburg State, Dr. Steve Scott and he joins us now. Nice to hear from you President Scott for joining us on KRPS. 

PSU President Dr. Steve Scott

I wanted to start off by first asking about the legislative session that ended in what seems like a haste last Friday morning, it went on for over 24-hours. We know there are going to be negative impacts from the coronavirus on education in Kanas. Do we have any indications of what is going to be mean for PSU? 

With that being said, online summer school does start at Pittsburg State next week, there are also in-person and online summer workshops that kids will be able to take part in. Earlier this month, Pittsburg State made the announcement that in-person classes will resume in the fall. 

Of course, sports are a major part of college life and football season. Does the M I Double A expect all sports to take place in the fall? Or could there be modified schedules?


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