Focus On The 4-States – Joplin City Council General Seat Candidate Shawna Ackerson

Shawna speaking about her candidacy for a 4-year general seat on the Joplin city council

It’s Morning Edition on KRPS. We are less than two weeks away from municIt’s Morning Edition on KRPS. We are a week away from municipal elections taking place across Missouri. Locally, Joplin’s city council election was scheduled to take place on April 7th but because of the pandemic the election was shifted 60 days to Tuesday June 2nd. Next hour  we’ll turn our attention to a candidate in Zone 2, Charles Coople.  But first Shawna Ackerson who is running for a general, a four-year seat on the Joplin City Council. Like all candidates, I first asked Shawna to introduce herself to voters.

That was Shawna Ackerson, who is one of four candidates running to fill 1 of four-year general seats on the Joplin City Council. To learn more about his campaign visit his Facebook page Shawna Ackerson for Joplin City Council 2020

Joplin city elections will be held on Tuesday June 2, 2020. This link to will take you directly to the cities election page, including voting maps and polling places.


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