Focus On The 4-States – Joplin City Council General Seat Candidate Anthony Monteleone

We are less than a month away from municipal elections taking place across Missouri. Locally, Joplin’s city council election were supposed to take place on April 7th but because of the pandemic they were shifted to June 2nd. This morning we hear from Anthony Monteleone who is running for one of the general seats and for his first full two-year term as a council member after being selected to the council after Josh Bard stepped just days after being elected in 2018. Like all candidates, I first asked Anthony to introduce himself to voters.

On the topic of changing the way city government operates in Joplin, Anthony says that he would work to streamline the process of starting a new business. He says there needs to be a small business hub so that possible business owners aren’t running all over city hall trying to get things figured out.

Anthony Monteleone is one of two candidates running for one of the general two-year seats on the Joplin City Council. You can find out more information about his campaign at his Facebook page at Anthony For Joplin.

Joplin city elections will be held on Tuesday June 2, 2020. This link to will take you directly to the cities election page, including voting maps and polling places.


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