Connect2Culture Making Plans For The Future

The arts and culture scene in SW Missouri has shifted online because of the pandemic

Life for everybody has changed over the course of the past two months because of the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world. For many of us, we’ve moved from meeting in-person to digital platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangouts. Under normal times many of us throughout the Four States would be enjoying the beautiful Spring weather that we’ve waited to arrive, attending events like Third Thursday in Joplin and our favorite art events. Although, Director Connect2Culture Emily Frankoski says that there are still many cultural, art-related events and projects that you can do at home.

Need something creative to do? Arts organizations have moved their meet-ups online

If you’re a fan of Connect2Culture’s ‘Curtains Up Series’ then you’ll be happy to know that regardless of the coronavirus the non-profit is working hard to bring performances to southwest Missouri later this year. While Emily didn’t reveal any of the possible performances or groups that could be apart of this year’s series she did say there are weekly meetings taking place about which individual and groups could available and traveling in the fall. She admits that there is a lot to figure out and whether people will want to attend performances post coronavirus.

C2C’s Curtains Up will return later this year

The Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex is still on track to break ground later this year in downtown Joplin. According to Emily, C2C is full speed ahead in the planning phase of the Cornell Complex and doesn’t expect it to be delayed because of the pandemic. The 46,000 square foot structure that will seat 450 indoors and another 1,500 at its Festival Plaza and Amphitheater is still expected to be completed in 2022.

Not even a pandemic is slowing constriction of the Cornell Complex

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