The Horszowski Trio performs in Joplin

Jesse Mills Radio Edited Interview with The Horszowski Trio

Making their second appearance in the past five years in Joplin the Horszowski Trio will be performing on Thursday February 22, 2020 at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. The concert, which is being hosted by ProMusica Joplin starts at 7:00 pm is open to the public although donations will be accepted.

The Horszowski Trio

Since the group formed nearly ten years ago the Horszowski Trio have performed coast to coast here in the US, in addition to touring in Japan and India. After their debut performance at Rockfeller University in late 2011 the group booked and performed their first 200 shows. Recently KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro spoke with the Trio’s two-time Grammy nominated violinist Jesse Mills who started playing at the age of 3. Jesse reveals that two-thirds of the group was formed even before he turned 13 years old.

The Horszowski Trio knows each other closely. So well, Jesse and pianist Rieko Aizawa are married.

The group has been hailed by numerous publications such as the New York Times who called the Horszowski Trio“impressive, lithe, persuasive.” That’s in addition to BBC Radio saying, they play with “great care and affection” and, The Strad, a UK-based monthly classical music magazine about string instruments proclaiming the Horszowski Trio “fresh, supple and fantastic.” Jesse believes that chamber music remains popular both in the US and abroad because of the solo voices it can provide listeners in addition to the overall playing power of groups.

Experience The Horszowski Trio up close this Thursday night at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin

Encouraged by his Mother Jesse Mills starting playing the violin when he was a toddler. By the time he was 12-years old he was attending summer music camp and met Raman Ramakrishnan who would become the cello player for the Horszowski Trio. According to Jesse all he ever wanted to do was play in a trio and he is living out his dream.

Jesse hopes to continue to compose and perform music for the rest of his life

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