Imagine Pittsburg 2030

Pittsburg Community Development & Housing Director Quentin Holmes

Residents of Pittsburg will have an opportunity to have their voices heard at the next Imagine Pittsburg 2030 Community Conversation taking place on Thursday February 27 at Butler’s Quarters, at 513 North Broadway, in Pittsburg. The event starts at 6 pm. The steering committee for IP 2030 was established now over a decade ago to provide guidance and planning for what the city would look like in 20 years time. The committee laid out six areas of importance that would help shape and improve the lives of Pittsburg residents in 2030. They include Economic Development, Infrastructure, Public Wellness, Education, Marketing and Housing. Recently KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro spoke with Community Development & Housing Director and Pittsburg State grad Quentin Holmes about the need for housing in the city and the broader goals of IP 2030.

Holmes says the broader goal of IP 2030 is moving Pittsburg ‘Foward Together’

The most recent IP 2030 community conversation was this past December and according to Holmes Pittsburg residents that are curious about the future of the city are encouraged to attend on Feb. 27th. The meetings are a way for residents to speak up and tell the IP 2030 committee members what’s important to them so that they can bring the needs of the city more into focus. Prior to attending the IP 2030 meeting on Thursday February 27 you’re also encouraged to RSVP so that there is enough room for everybody.

Pittsburg residents who want their voices heard and to shape the future of the city are encourage to attend

With a focus on the future and newer housing in Pittsburg the city over the past five years has demolished over 200 houses to make way for the opportunity for local residents to build new houses. Another aspect of the IP 2030 plan that Holmes points to is the city of Pittsburg establishing a planned development, which he says the city hasn’t had since the 1970’s. Another option for residents of Pittsburg who are looking to build a new home is to take advantage of the Pittsburg Land Bank. The land bank, which currently has 51 pieces of property available throughout the city according to Holmes, “focuses on the conversion of vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent, or otherwise underused properties into productive use” according to the city website.

A planned development, the continued demotion of houses in poor conditions and the Pittsburg land bank are signs of progress for the cities housing market

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