Jim Heaney of the George Washington Carver National Monument

Jim Heaney speaking about Coffee with Carver and Art in the Park
In this longer cut of the interview, Jim talks about events for every season taking place at the Carver

The George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Missouri is one of the must visit destinations in the Four States. Open 7-days a week year-round the site is located just off of Interstate-44, down a couple of two-lane roads and is free to the public. If you love the outdoors and learning then the Carver is a great place to visit whether you’re just driving through or live here. Recently KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro sat down with the Superintendent of the George Washington Carver National Monument Jim Heaney to learn about some of the upcoming events.

Taking place on Thursday January 16 at 10 AM is Coffee with Carver. The program is held January through March on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 10 AM. This months presentation is, “Expressions for the Soul” and will inform visitors about how Carver viewed arts as a way to express beauty of the natural world. Complementary tea and coffee will also be served. If you missed January’s CWC, then visit in February when it will take place on 2/21 or in March on 3/20 always at 10 AM.

Jim with the details on January’s “Coffee with Carver”

While we are in the middle of the winter months in the Four States, it’s never too early to think about Spring and to start planning for it. One of the most popular events every year at the Carver NM is “Art in the Park” and this year it’s been held on Saturday, April 18 starting at 10 AM. It’s the monuments annual celebration to spotlight GWC’s love and passion for and creating art. The national monument invites artists from around the Four States to show and speak about their work. Jim says that visitors can also participate in hands-on demonstrations and instructional workshops with pastels, natural dyes and more. In addition, this is the perfect venue to visit and tour the park with kids as it allows them to see nature and are up close.

Carver’s Art in the Park takes place on Saturday April 18

Every week the Carver NM hosts events, both indoor and outdoor, year-around that are open to the public. If you’re an artist that is interested in showing your work at the Art in the Park event in April contact the CNM so that you can reserve your space. Or call them at 417-325-4151.


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