Pop-up art gallery, Glory Days and the Business of Art at Block 22

Radio edited interview w/ Brianna Cooks and Jansis Alvarado

Just in the time for the holiday shopping season a new pop-up art gallery is opening up at Block 22 in downtown Pittsburg. The theme of the exhibit is ‘Bringing Pittsburg of the Past into Pittsburg of the Present’. It’s a collaboration between Pittsburg State professor S. Portico Bowman, the Kansas Small Business Development Center and photo printing company Mpix. The gallery will open it’s doors for one night only, Friday December 6 from 4-8 pm at The Foundry inside of Block 22 in downtown Pittsburg.

Recently KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro sat down with Pittsburg State Senior Art students Brianna Cooks and Jansis Alvarado to speak about the Business of Art. They conveyed about what the class has taught them, bringing together their passion of creating art and translating that into becoming a small business owner. Alvardo says that the class has educated her in the basics of starting their own small business, including how to price her art .

Alvarado speaking about the business side of being an artist and how to survive

The class which is lead by PSU professor S. Portico Bowman is also being assisted by the staff of the Small Business Development Center at Pittsburg State. Mindy Lee, a Small Business Counselor with the KSBDC has brought her background and experience working with small business owners throughout Southeast Kansas into the classroom to lead student artists one on one bringing Pittsburg State’s motto, ‘By Doing, Learn’ to life.

Mindy Lee of the KSBDC has been instrumental in working with students assisting in developing a business plan

Mpix is well known for being in a leader in printing not only photos but a countless selection of photo products including cards, calendar and colleges that are shipped to customers across the US. The company also partnered with the Business of Art class helping students bring their art work to new places, such as on cards and stickers. Beyond the traditional canvas and and broadening the scope of PSU’s student artists instead of having to rely on selling just one piece of art to pay the bills.

Alvarado admits that considering the business side alters her view of being an artist

The theme of the pop-up art gallery is ‘Bringing Pittsburg of the Past into Pittsburg of the Present’   with a focus on historical photographs of the city of Pittsburg. Professor Bowman challenged the students to explore the greater community outside of the confines of the university. The assignmentwas in a sense an experiment for the young artists of Pittsburg State to breath new life into photos of what the city looked like decades ago in an effort to connect with longtime residents.

Using old photographs as inspiration Pittsburg State artists worked to bring the past alive through art

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