The Crimson and Gold Connection – Jorge Leon and the 36th Annual Pittsburg State Authors Reception

Jorge Leon Crimson and Gold interview
The reception will be held on the 1st floor of the renovated Axe Library

The 2019 Pittsburg State Authors reception marks the 36th year that PSU’s Axe Library has celebrated and honored not only authors but also musical composers and other creative works created by Pittsburg state faculty over the past year. This year the reception will be taking place on the newly renovated 1st floor of the Axe library. Pittsburg State professors from across several disciplines will be on hand to speak about their work and be recognized. For many educators at Pittsburg State being a professor is just the tip of the iceberg of their professional endeavors and they publish detailed works that demonstrate how closely connected they are to the subject matter.

According to Jorge, PSU professors with an international audience and reach are part of what make Pittsburg State unique

A number of professors at Pittsburg State have a broader reach beyond their offices and classrooms. Dr. Raul Mungnia, Director of Orchestras at Pittsburg State is originally from Honduras, and Dr. Casie Hermansson earned both of her undergraduate degrees from Massey University in New Zealand. She later moved to the University of Toronto, Canada for both M.A and Ph.D. It’s professors such as Raul and Casie, whose works are internationally recognized as they are able to bring their international experiences and connections back to Southeast Kansas for their students at Pittsburg State.

Jorge speaks about PSU professor/author Dr. Mark Johnson

Expertise. What does it mean in a world when we can just “Google” anything and have it on a screen in under a second? Professor authors at Pittsburg State take their expertise and focus extremely serious. PSU professor Mark Johnson recently published Powerful Publications That Connect and he has traveled the world speaking to people about how to give presentations. He also spent 20 years as a Green Beret Officer and has written and performed numerous keynote speeches to motivate past presidents, such as George W. Bush to speaking to university and college students. 


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