Up Close with the Candidates: Sarah Chenoweth

Sarah Chenoweth Radio Edited Interview
Sarah Chenoweth Web Edited Interview

Sarah Chenoweth is a lifelong resident of Southeast Kansas. Born in Baxter Springs, Kansas she started attending Pittsburg State University in 2002 and went on to earn two Master Degrees, one in English and one in Communication. She is running for reelection to the Pittsburg City Commission after first being elected to a two-year seat on the Commission in the fall of 2017. Chenoweth is also co-owner (with her husband) of Pittsburg Recycles, LLC and recently purchased a building in downtown Pittsburg.

Sarah says that her re-election to the Pittsburg City Commission would continue the progressive momentum

She believes that the city government of Pittsburg should target particular types of businesses that support other businesses. Sarah views this as a way to insulate Pittsburg from both state and national downturns in the economy which affect rural areas like Southeast Kansas more drastically than larger cities. Self sustainability is at the heart of Sarah’s long-term economic agenda for Pittsburg and she believes the city could accomplish this in-part through incentives to businesses who have ties to Southeast Kansas.

Trickle-up economics in Pittsburg? Sarah says the way forward is self-sustainability

Sarah believes that the city of Pittsburg should create and operate its own public utility company. While she supports the idea she understands that more information needs to become available so that Pittsburg residents can decide what’s right for the city. Also, to ensure the success of a possible Pittsburg utility company Sarah says that any plan or outlook must be at least 20 years into the future. Stating in addition that she has been very public and open during her re-election campaign that a public utility, should be owned by the very public it serves.

Public utilities owned and operated by the city of Pittsburg would be a good thing according to Sarah

You can learn more about Sarah and her campaign by clicking this link. You can also contact her via email at sarah4pittsburg@gmail.com

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