Up Close With The Candidates: Larry Fields

Larry Fields Radio Edited Interview
Larry Field Web Edited Interview

Larry Fields had a 44-year career in the railroad business and because of that background he was able to move around frequently both in the US and internationally, including in Siberia. After he retired he felt the need to return to his roots and move back to Pittsburg where he grew up with a large family that included 15 siblings. He believes that the city of Pittsburg is moving in the right direction and it’s because of the great people who’ve decided to call the city home.

Larry moved often during his career working in the railroad industry

The perspective of a long career in the rail industry and living in 17-different locations throughout his lifetime provides Larry a unique view on both the history and the future of Pittsburg.  He also recognizes that Pittsburg sits only 4-miles from the border of Missouri and that many residents of Kansas travel to the Show-Me State to both work and shop and the city could do a better job in regards to competing with the lower taxes that can be found just across the border.

According to Field’s Pittsburg is going in the right direction but needs to be more aware of local competition

On the topic of Pittsburg establishing its own electric utility Larry believes that citizens of Pittsburg should vote on the topic. He acknowledges that the study that Evergy produced and published is likely written to advance their business interests in Pittsburg, and that any organization their position would likely act the same way. He also added that as a current residential customer of Evergy he doesn’t find their rates to be unreasonable, but that his commercial rates are higher. Ultimately, the decision of whether Pittsburg should create a public electric power company should be with the residents who pay the bills.

Should Pittsburg create a public electric utility? Larry believes Pittsburg voters should answer that question

You can read more about the candidates and why they are running from this article by the Morning Sun by clicking this link. You can also contact Larry about his campaign at ldf47ssf@yahoo.com

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