Up Close With The Candidates: Chad McCubbin

Radio Edited Interview with Chad McCubbin
Web Edited Interview with Chad

Chad McCubbin, a candidate for Pittsburg City Commission moved to Pittsburg when he was a student at PSU in 2006. Fast forward 13-years and McCubbin is now married, has three kids and is a substitute teacher in the area. He says there are plenty of great things to love about Pittsburg, but he’s running to fix some of the aspects that he doesn’t like. His main goal in running for a seat on the city commission is ensure more transparency both from the commission itself, and the city government as a whole. Chad says that while he’s been out knocking on doors during his campaign in Pittsburg he’s heard rumors relating to the city that would be handled if the city were more open about it’s business. 

Chad speaking about why he is running and priorities if elected

Chad believes that the overhaul of downtown Pittsburg and Block 22 has been great, although he’s concerned that the rest of the city could be left behind. He would also like the city to have more of an emphasis on building affordable housing for middle income residents. He points to the Silverback Landing project and the high-end housing that it’s creating, but would prefer the city shift its focus to housing that costs between $60,000 and $100,000. And the benefits that could come to Pittsburg if more people who worked in the city resided in it also.

Chad believes Pittsburg should move to the middle when it comes to building more houses in the city

The topic of Pittsburg creating its own public electricity company is common on the campaign trail according to Chad. For now he’s opposed to the idea and that the residents of Pittsburg don’t have all of the information to make a sound judgement. He wishes that both Pittsburg elected officials and city government would be more open regarding this subject. According to Chad, the majority of the Pittsburg residents that he’s spoken to do not want the city to establish its own electric utility. He believes that the citizens of Pittsburg should hold an election to first decide whether the city should operate its own public utility.

Chad believes that voters should decide whether Pittsburg should create its own electric utility

You can read more about the candidates and why they are running in this article from the Morning Sun.

If you have questions for Chad McCubbin about his campaign he can be contacted at mccubbinforcommissioner@yahoo.com


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