Kinetic Storytelling: The Broad Strokes of Film Workshop with Anthony Monteleone

The Kinetic Storytelling workshop will be held at the Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin on Saturday October 12. It starts at 10 am and there is a $20 registration fee.

The Spiva 48-hour film competition starts on Friday October 18 at 6 pm and runs until Sunday October 20 at 6 pm. The complete films must be turned into the Bookhouse Cinema in Joplin on 10/20 by 6 pm. The teams will have 2 days to make a 4-minute film in the genre of horror. The fee to enter is $20.

Telling a story, easy right? All of us have said to a friend, “I have a story to tell you.” But have you ever recorded that story and played it back? It may not be sound as clear as you think it was in your head. The Kinetic Storytelling workshop hosted by Anthony Monteleone aims to help aspiring storytellers transform their ideas into films that can be shared on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and even Snapchat.

Anthony speaking about what Saturday workshop will entail

Problem solving is at the core of the of the workshop. There are countless considerations when shooting a film, even a short one. From street noise, to the lack of natural daylight or maybe the weather isn’t cooperating. Experience is the only way to gain the knowledge about how to shoot and handle the conditions. Anthony and his staff at the film workshop will help bridge the knowledge gap and pass on their years of experience.

Shooting in the “real world” has numerous complications that the workshop will help overcome
Anthony Monteleone

In film-making experience matters and Anthony has decades of experience working behind the camera. He got his start at, “7 or 8 years old” as he revealed Wednesday morning during our interview . He would go on to attend Pittsburg State University where he took an interest in documentary film making. Anthony and fellow Pitt State student Tyler Swezey would earn a first-place award from Collegiate Broadcasters Inc for their film, “Everyone Lives Downstream,” in November of 2008. The ability to make people laugh through short gag reels when he was just starting out was enough for Anthony to devote his life to telling storytelling through films.

Experience matters when you’re a film-maker according to Anthony

Imagination is the only suggested requirement to bring to the workshop. Of course a laptop, pen and paper would be great to bring so that you can take notes but the focus of the day will be creation and discussion about story ideas. Besides imagination, the focal point of the workshop is to work through the process of what it takes to bring an idea to life throughout film-making.

Bringing imagination to life is the ambition of the seminar


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