October 4 2019 7 AM KRPS Newscast

The Wichita nonprofit that manages the B-29 bomber “Doc” says it’s saddened by the fatal crash in Connecticut this week involving a World War 2 era plane. KMUW’s Nadya Faulx has more.

Kansas is pushing a private insurer to fix months-long problems with how it serves about 100,000 people on the state’s Medicaid program.

Missouri’s Division of Developmental Disabilities plans to request $58 million from state lawmakers to fix reimbursement rates to certain providers. KCUR’s Aviva Okeson-Haberman reports that the current system conflicts with federal Medicaid rules.

Senator Roy Blunt, along with Gov. Mike Parson and others, addressed a crowd Wednesday at the Les Bourgeois Vineyard in Rocheport. The venue overlooked the Missouri River bridge, which will soon be replaced using federal funding Blunt secured earlier this year, along with state and local dollars.

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89.9 KRPS Morning Edition Host and Producer Fred Fletcher-Fierro

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