The 2019 Midwest Trumpet Festival at PSU with Todd Hastings

The 11th Annual Midwest Trumpet Festival is set to take place on Sunday October 6th and Monday October 7th at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts on the campus of Pittsburg State University. The international event is showcasing over 20 professional trumpet players including Lonnie McFadden, Vince DiMartino and Rex Richardson. The festival will open Sunday afternoon at 12:30 with a performance by the Kansas Cities own, Back Alley Brass Band which will be followed by the Lonnie McFadden Quartet at 1pm.

In addition to performances by world class musicians the festival has also added presentations related to being a trumpet player, including the “Care and Feeling of a Health Trumpter” and the “Evolution and History of Brass Instrument Manufacturingand the Evolution of What We Want to Hear.”

Registration for students is open to age levels K-12 and you can save $25 when you enter the discount code STUDENT at check out.


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