The Crimson and Gold Connection with Pittsburg State President Steve Scott

PSU President Steve Scott web edited Crimson and Gold Interview
President Scott radio edit Crimson and Gold
PSU President Dr. Steve Scott

The start of fall, is almost here but as summer winds down President of Pittsburg State Steve Scott takes a look back at the first month of the 2019-2020 academic year. Like many professors, staff members and students the beginning of a new school year at Pittsburg State is no different for Dr. Scott. The start of a semester happens quickly no matter how many times you’ve gone through it. President Scott says that while the semester can seem like a blur it also signifies cooler weather, a fresh start and another season of Gorillas football.

President Scott looking back on a fast start to the 2019-2020 school year at Pittsburg State

Move In Day 2019 at PSU took place on August 17 and it was a wet one. But that didn’t stop President Scott from putting on his shorts and a t-shirt to help move students, friends and family into the dorms. It’s only not a time to help new students get settled into their new home on campus, but it’s a chance to meet and interact with new students and their parents. President Scott recognizes this is the day that many freshmen and their parents have saved, planned and waited for years for. He recognizes it importance.

Pres. Scott reflecting on the importance of Move In Day 2019

Last week the ribbon was officially cut to open Block22 in downtown Pittsburg. The mixed use project that combines apartments, office space and restaurants is a collaboration between the city of Pittsburg and PSU. The over $20 million dollar project in southeast Kansas’s largest city is meant to spur growth in downtown Pittsburg at a time when many downtown areas are dwindling. According to President Scott Block22 is set to be a “trans-formative” project that will benefit Pittsburg for years to come.

PSU President Scott believes that Block22 will pay dividends for both the university and city for years to come

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