World War I Mobile Museum Curator Keith Colley

Keith Colley speaking about WWI Mobile Museum radio edited
Mobile World War I curator Keith Colley describing the mobile museum

A World War I exhibit is now on display inside the community room at the Joplin Public Library through Saturday September 14th . ‘Lest We Forget’ is the name of the Mobile World War I Mobile Museum that was created by Keith Colley which has traveled the US informing younger generations of Americans to remember and remind them of the sacrifices of past generations and their contribution to our society.

When asked why it was still important over 100 year after the start of World War I to remember the conflict, Keith points out that it was because World War II started only 21-years after WWI was ended.

Keith speaking about how WWI ended and WWII started closely to each other

In the course of American and world history the world wars were major events that help shape the world that we know today. But because of the length, size and complexity of the conflicts educating students in 2019, about wars that are over 100-years old can be difficult task. Keith hopes that the World One Mobile Museum fills in the gap for students that are interested in learning about WWI and how it lead to the second World War.

Keith says the museum focuses on how the US got involved in WWI

In speaking with Keith on Sunday afternoon, he reminded me that the US was one of the final major countries to enter World War I and had a much more of an isolationist policy in international affairs than the country has today. According to Keith, what spurred the US and the Woodrow Wilson administration to consider entering the first World War was the possibility of Mexico invading the United States with military and monetary assistance from Germany.

Possibility difficult to consider today, but Mexico invasion of the US by way of a sponsorship from Germany was one of the factors in the US becoming involved in WWI.

Keith considers the WWI Mobile Museum to be random and that it’s done so by design. He created the exhibit not to be like a textbook guides readers throughout occurrences of WWI. He says instead that the museum was established in a way that tells stories of men and women that often times do not link together in a straight line, similar to the experience of those who fought and sacrificed during World War I.

The mobile museum is meant to connect with visors and for them to possibly add their own memories to it

Keith Colley and his WWI Mobile Museum will be on display at the Joplin Public Library through Saturday September 14. The exhibit is open to the public.

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