The Crimson and Gold Connection Pittsburg State President Steve Scott

PSU President Steve Scott Radio Edited Interview
President Scott Full Interview Edited
Pittsburg State President Steve Scott

The start of a new school year at Pittsburg State brings new students to Southeast Kansas, as hot the temperatures of summer begin to fade thoughts of football and fall start to take shape. This year on ‘The Crimson and Gold Connection’ we’re introducing a permanent spot for Pittsburg State President Steve Scott. He will appear every 3rd Wednesday at 8:50 am and Friday at 3:50 pm of the month on the ‘Connection’.

This year marks the 11th anniversary that Scott was named by the Kansas Board of Regents as the President of Pittsburg State in May of 2009. He says that while he’s proud of many of the accomplishments university, the completion of the Bickenll Family Center for the Arts stands out among them all.

President Scott speaks about the addition of the Bicknell to PSU

Later this year the Bicknell will be celebrating it’s 5th-anniversary as the center launches another season of performances with the Modern American Dance Company performance on Saturday September 7 at 7:30.

Public universities throughout Kansas have faced financial pressures throughout President Scott’s tenure but he points to the advocacy of Pittsburg State at the state capitol in Topeka as an important piece of the puzzle. He says that he’s seen a positive culture change in this time as President of the the university, even through the post-recession period and the state of Kansas lowering their financial allocations not only to Pittsburg State but to public universities throughout the state.

President Scott speaking of advocacy in Topeka on the behalf of PSU

For those of us who love what we do, the word retirement is not in our vocabulary, we will simply work until the end. But the legacy of President Scott at Pittsburg State regardless of what is accomplished the remainder of his time at the university will be known for navigating the institution through the lean times of the post-recession period of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s the lean years of the Brownback administration, construction and completion of the Bicknell Center. His advocacy for the completion of Highway 69 and his endless enthusiasm and passion for Southeast Kansas. While part of him is rooted in the here and now, another side is planning out the future, both for the students of Pittsburg State and even the residents of the city of Pittsburg.

President Scott talks about a proposal to bring the Kansas City Chiefs training camp to Pittsburg, Kansas

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