The Inaugural Concert Of Duo Capriccioso

Raúl Munguía

New beginnings after 22-years of marriage are rare. But Raul Munguía and Denissa Rivas are doing just his Friday night at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts. Joining them in the inaugural concert of Duo Capriccioso is pianist Bob Ensor. The performance will begin at 7:30 pm. Tickets will be on sale at the door.

Raul discussing what it’s like performing with his wife Denissa

The couple met and dated 7-years prior to tying the knot and Raul says that performing as a duet provides the audience a view inside of their relationship. The duo has been performing in each other performances for years, but wanted to branch out and create a musical identity of their own. They also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of composers such as Barbara York to create music that is specifically made for them to perform. The group is also commissioning new scores.

Measuring Time by Barbara York
Denissa Rivas

In today’s world of never ending streaming music it’s easy to forget that creating music is based on a relationships and compromise. You can witness that in a video posted on YouTube from 2017 of Raul and Denissa performing with composer and pianist Barbara York. The piece titled “Making Time” was created by York for the couple and as you watch it notice how Raul and Denissa perform, focusing both on their music as well as on each other. Like they are tied together in rhythm and communicating with each other through music. Timing quick breathing pauses so that there is not one second of silence between the three musicians.

Raul speaking about performing new works and how they set the bar for perhaps centuries to come

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