KRPS Celebrates 1-Year Of Broadcasting Ozark Highlands Radio With Host Dave Smith

Ozark Highland Radio host Dave Smith is a man of many talents. Besides hosting a weekly radio show heard on public radio stations across the country Dave is also apart of the three member band “Harmony” in which he plays the guitar, fiddle, claw-hammer banjo, button accordion. The live music format of Ozark Highland Radio isn’t what Dave had conceptualized when he first considered creating a radio show around the music of North Arkansas. It was the combination of Dave’s vision of creating Ozark Highlands and working with Daren Dortin a former producer from the blues show, Beale Street Caravan that has helped create the show that we know today.

Recently Dave joined KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro to talk about how Ozark Highland Radio came together and what’s in-store over the next year for the program. You can also visit the Ozark Folk Center and purchase tickets to see a live recording of an episode of Ozark Highlands Radio.



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