‘Focus On The Four States’ – District 3 Crawford County Commissioner Jeremy Johnson

Recycling centers all over the United States all grappling with the fact that they are no longer able to send plastic overseas to China as they have in the past. At one point China took 1/3 of the US’s recyclables but stopped because they claimed the recyclables were both “dangerous” and even “hazardous”. One of the centers that was no longer able to send their product oversea includes the Southeast Kansas Recycling Center located in Pittsburg, the last independently owned recycling center in the state of Kansas. District 3 Crawford County Commissioner Jeremy Johnson thinks that their are solutions to the recycling crisis that are closer to home than China. They include working with the Kansas Polymer Center located at Pittsburg State University. 

The SEK Recycling Center was one of three topics covered when KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro spoke with District Commissioner Johnson. They also spoke about the possibility of Pittsburg one day owning the cities electrical utility. And got a status update on the construction of U.S. Highway 69 and a sewer than has to relocated. 

Timing cues:

0:00 – Introduction and an update on the status of the Southeast Recycling Center

11:30 – Commissioner Johnson on the possibility of Pittsburg operating the cities electric utility

21:24 – Status update on U.S. Highway 69 and possible completion date


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