‘Crimson And Gold Connection’ – Pittsburg State Theater Presents The House Of Blue Leaves

“The House of Blues Leaves” was not on the radar of Director and Pittsburg State professor Lidden Little to produce this semester, a colleague instead suggested it to him. It was a good idea as the play is as relevant today as it was in 1965 when it was first produced in New York City. “The House of Blues Leaves” is described as “A no-talent songwriter, his depressed wife, his mistress, and a visit from the Pope lie at the center of this absurdist farce set in 1965.” It’s a one of kind dark comedy, that is a farce, includes singing, references to mental illness and the pope. 

Recently I sat down with two of three lead roles of the play and the Director.  Curtis Wilkins plays Artie Shaughnessy and Jenna Russell plays the role of Artie’s girlfriend,  Bunnie Flingus. Also, joining us was Director and Pittsburg State professor Lidden Little.

‘The House Of Blues Leaves” opens on Thursday April 28, 2019 at 7:30 pm through Sunday April 28 at 2 pm at The Bickenll Center For The Arts. For ticket information click this link. 


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