Singer-SongWriter & Joplin Native Grant Landis

Performing as a part of Connect 2 Culture Joplin’s 2018-2019 Curtain’s Up Series Joplin, Missouri Native Grant Landis is set to perform at the cities Memorial Hall on Saturday March 13 at 7:30 pm. The 19-year old singer-songwriter and producer has over 50,000 followers on YouTube and has recently released his first music video, “Home To Momma”.

Grant says that his Mom played the largest role in his musical upbringing by first listening to christian music on her iPod. Also, he talks about relocating to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a music career full-time and about the friends that he has made since his move. Finally, Grant tells us about what it’s been like to take his career to the next level, from growing up and signing at his church in Joplin to making music and performing in front of 1,000’s of fans.



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