Kansas District 3 State Rep. Monica Murnan on School Funding, Farm Bureau Health Care Plan and a possible override by GOP Lawmakers of Governor Kelly

Lawmakers across Kansas are enjoying a much needed three-week spring break after the first legislative session of Governor Laura Kelly’s four-year term in office. The first 54 days of the 2019 session which ended on Friday April 5th saw a new education spending plan passed with bi-partisan support. During that time we also saw the passage of a bill pursued by the Kansas Farm Bureau that would allow the organization the offer its member healthcare plans outside of the federal guidelines established by the Affordable Care Act. As if that weren’t enough, we also saw Governor Kelly veto the tax plan that was passed by the state’s GOP control state legislature. Will those same lawmakers know look to override that veto?

District 3 State Representative Monica Murnan who represents Pittsburg was there for it all and offered her view on some of the mostly hotly contested topics of Kansas politics in years.

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